A Distributed Balance

Updated on 
October 8, 2021

Friends and Colleagues,

As we look to the West, we continue to face issues within and outside of our control. With the continued increase in natural disasters, aging of grid infrastructure, and retirement of generation plants, businesses across the nation are seeking solutions for their problems which include power outages and reduced power quality. Utilities are not excluded from this as both groups require solutions which can provide more than a few hours of reliability. As intermittent renewables continue their proliferation, natural gas-fired distributed generation at the site level presents a promising solution to various grid and customer level issues including grid balancing and customer resiliency. 

Palm Energy believes this unique confluence of issues can be resolved through turnkey services which provide power quality, resiliency, and grid independence while reducing total energy costs. Accordingly, Palm’s mission is to provide energy assurance so our partners can focus on their business, regardless of regional or global disruption. Using technologically advanced systems, Palm is positioned to solve several issues that are normally inherent with on-site generation. Whether replacing backup generators or evaluating other distributed technologies, our solution takes the risk out of power delivery for our partners. 

Palm Energy is a part of the e2 Companies family whose Patent Pending R3Di system is a modular self-contained microgrid that comes configured for quick and efficient installation with or without a utility interconnection agreement. The R3Di combines fast discharge batteries and natural gas reciprocating engines to keep facilities and utility infrastructure online while removing the risk of damage to sensitive equipment, motors, or processes. In addition, the system eliminates the need for dispatch coordination, alternative and more costly technologies, experimentation, or complicated engineering.

Once installed, Palm Energy’s team monitors the units and the grid, constantly looking for opportunities to deploy the units in the energy markets, while at the same time offering their host partner near-instant back-up power, cost savings, and the assurance of resiliency which can last more than a few hours. With this in mind, feel free to contact us and we will show you just how easy it is to future-proof your operation by improving efficiency, resiliency, and financial outcomes while balancing the needs of our distributed future.

Steven Moffitt
Palm Energy, LLC

Steven Moffitt

Steven has been a leader in both the Energy and Information Technology industries for over 30 years. This unique combination of technology and business experience provides him with a keen eye for Corporate Strategy, Business Development, and value creation for customers and stakeholders. Steven holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.