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Utility Bill Management, Reporting, Analysis, and Audit

Our UBM service digitizes disparate data, increases operational efficiency, reduces Utility billing errors, and provides a team of experts for support and oversight.

Energy Resilience

Is defined as the ability to anticipate, prepare for, and adapt to changing conditions and withstand, respond to, and recover rapidly from disruptions through adaptable and holistic planning and technical solutions (National Renewable Energy Laboratory).


Maintaining the delivery of electrical power when there is a routine uncertainty in operating conditions (DOE Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium).

Our Solution

Value Proposition

  • Energy Cost Savings, Demand Response, and Reliability. The e2Companies R3Di® provides instantaneous backup power for short or long duration outages which provides facilities with a seamless and no blip transfer from Utility power for outage or energy management purposes
  • We Design, Install, Own, Operate, Maintain, and Insure - Our Partners contract for a System through an Energy Services Agreement (ESA) which can include various insurance products
  • No Utility Interconnection is required - Can run parallel with utility or in independent and indefinite island mode
  • 6-month deployment time - Pre-built modular design that is easily expandable in 500kW increments
  • Balance of Plant design is eliminated,Designed to Permitting standards – IBC, UL, EPA, ULC, CSA, NFPA
  • Meets FERC, DOE, ISO, and Utility standards,Removable in a day for install at new location
  • Our technology allows complete integration of onsite renewables for improved technical and financial value
  • Access to Real-Time, Historical Data, and Market Intel through industry leading web-based user interface (UI)

Technical Overview & Features

  • Integrated Microgrid controls and protection - Less than 100ms full load recovery in open or closed transition
  • Containerized Prime Rated Natural Gas Engine and Switchgear - Remote monitoring and start capabilities managed by a 24x7x365 NOC
  • Containerized Energy Storage System (ESS) - Safe, reliable LiFePO4 battery technology
  • “R3Di®” for integration with renewable generation or EV Charging Stations
  • NFPA 855 and ETL Certified to UL 9540

Why Palm Energy?

Our Resiliency and Energy Management capabilities allows our Partners to realize a powerful operational and financial unlock for their business which future-proofs operations, improves sustainability, maximizes reliability, and ensures compliance.

  • Demand Response, Energy, and Ancillary Services

    We help our Partners identify, enroll, and manage their participation in programs (Emergency, Economic, Reserves, Utility, etc.) which generate revenue from temporary reductions in their energy consumptions when the power grid needs relief.

  • Peak Load Management

    Our Partners may be subject to certain fees (capacity, transmission, instantaneous demand management) which are calculated on a pro-rata basis. The market collects this money to fund wholesale generation or energy infrastructure projects such as electricity transmission lines. Partners, if aware of when the charges are going to be calculated, may reduce their energy, and see savings.

  • Generator Retrofits

    We bring existing backup power systems up to the required emissions compliance requirements necessary for participation in energy markets for revenue and savings generation while also providing relief to the energy grid during high stress times. Our solutions require no Partner capital outlay. We provide warranty, compliance services, and maintenance. We have successfully completed an industry unmatched 1,000+ MWs of such projects across North America.

  • Energy Efficiency

    Identify, prioritize, implement, and track energy improvements. We bring a Partner focused process as opposed to a hardware sales approach.

  • Real Time Metering

    Cost effective and industry leading energy metering solutions which provide real-time and historical data as well as reporting, analytics, and market information.

  • Procurement

    Develop a commodity strategy and conduct recurring RFPs to secure commodity structures, rates, and contracts for both electricity and natural gas.

  • Supplier Management

    Our dedicated account management team handles tedious and tireless work of managing the myriad of energy suppliers, utilities, and vendors so you can focus on your core business.

  • Tariff Analysis and Optimization

    We conduct a thorough tariff analysis in both Deregulated and Regulated markets to ensure optimal rates are in place. Thereafter we monitor local, state, ISO, and federal regulatory matters to ensure future changes can be managed appropriately.

  • Risk Management

    We monitor Power & Gas market fundamentals, regulatory matters, and weather to ensure the commodity strategy is in an optimal position for the short, medium, and long-term financial outcomes.

  • Budgeting, Reporting, and Analytics

    We create an energy budget and actualize on a recurring basis, as well as energy analytics and hedging performance for our Partners to manage stakeholder expectations and measure success.

  • Consulting

    We assist with GHG tracking, benchmarking, ESG Indexing, and crafting your company’s Sustainability Vision and Mission.

  • Project Identification

    We streamline the process for identifying and structuring renewable energy projects to meet your Sustainability goals.

  • Emissions

    As part of our GHG analysis, or separately, we can conduct a thorough local, state, and federal emissions analysis for your existing energy assets. Thereafter we can takeover the testing, permitting, upgrading, maintenance, and reporting of this infrastructure.

  • Fuel Transition

    We identify, finance, install, and maintain lower-carbon solutions as replacements for existing diesel engines.

  • Compliance

    Whether it be National Fire Protection Association, The Joint Commission, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Environmental Protection Agency, or others, we are proficient in ensuring compliance for our Partners.

  • Digitization

    Compliance services are digitized through remote monitoring, cloud reporting, and proprietary software which checks for regulatory changes every second on over a hundred federal, state and local required posting sites.

  • Community Solar

    Subscription based projects in support of Renewable Portfolio Standards – developers finance and build the project, then seek Partners to be “off-takers” of the energy production. Off-takers can receive a reduction in utility distribution costs.

  • Retail Renewable Products

    Increasingly, Retail Electric Providers (“REPS”) offer renewable energy from specific projects through a simplified retail energy contract.

  • Power Purchase Agreements (“PPA”)

    A contract between varying parties and the Partner which allows Partner to represent their participation in a specific renewable energy project and associated green attributes. Such projects can include:

    • On or Off-Site Solar
    • Off-Site Wind
    • On-Site Battery Storage (with or without Solar)
  • Other

    Often, Battery Storage or Fuel Cell projects can be facilitated through an Energy Services Agreement (ESA).

  • Invoices Uploaded

    • Utility invoices are redirected to secure handling facility and scanned into database Partner UI
  • Automated Variance Analysis

    • Invoices are verified electronically
    • Variance and missing bill analysis conducted, flagging anomalies, and producing an exception report
  • Invoices Flagged and Held

    • Exception report fielded by our Utility Bill Specialists, who work between the Partner, our Energy Analysts, and vendors to analyze and resolve the billing issue
    • Shut-off, move-in and move-out notices handled
  • Invoices Are Paid

    • Partner can choose between various funding options
    • Our Analysts oversee the process with our Partner, ensuring efficiency and accuracy
  • Data & Analytics

    • Consolidation and normalization of disparate data
    • Online dashboard houses invoices, data, and reporting
    • Various G/L, AP, Accrual, Performance, and GHG reporting
    • API integration available
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